What People Who Survived Insanely Hard Interviews Think About Their Jobs


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We recently gave you the 25 most difficult companies to interview with based on reviews and ratings compiled by Glassdoor.com. The list also included an “employee satisfaction” rating, to see if employees were ultimately satisfied with their jobs. When the employee satisfaction rating was compared to the interview difficulty rating, Facebook employees — followed by Google and Bain & Company people — seem to have benefited the most from being hired.

But for people working for other companies, does life generally get easier or harder after a tough interview?

To get an idea, Kelly The WSJ asks Scott Dobroski, a spokesman for Glassdoor, who says the “difficult interview process is worth the sizable paychecks, challenging work and generally enticing workplace culture.”

Although the “hours and workload may be notoriously demanding at these types of companies,” the “challenging interviews are in place because of great compensation and benefits and because employees are being tasked with great responsibility.”

Overall, if you’re focused on having a work-life balance, the tough interviews are a sure sign that life after the interview isn’t going to get less stressful. However, if the amazing salary and benefits are what you’re after, better practice your interviewing skills. 

In the report, employees from the majority of these 25 companies were in fact satisfied with their jobs, but the ones who pass the tough interviews are likely types that can handle stressful jobs and typically want challenging responsibilities. 

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