Here's what the average person spends on groceries annually in every state

Extarz / Shutterstock.comThe state you live in may affect how much you spend on groceries every year.
  • Grocery bills can add up over the course of a year.
  • With help from the INSIDER Data team, we found data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis that shows the average amount a person spends annually on groceries in every state, using data from 2017.
  • Washington D.C., Vermont, Hawaii, and Maine averaged the most amount spent on groceries per year, while Alabama, Utah, and Oklahoma spent the least.
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Anyone who has ever stepped inside a grocery store knows that money goes quickly when you’re wandering the aisles. Groceries can make up a large fraction of our daily, weekly, or monthly expenses. Not only that, costs can add up to more money than you might realise over the course of a whole year.

Depending on which state you live in, you might pay more or less on average to do your weekly grocery haul.

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The US Bureau of Economic Analysis calculated the average amount a person in each state spends on groceries per year.

To help put this information into context, we created an easy-to-follow map to visualise the data.

Average groceries spending every state mapShayanne Gal/Business InsiderThe average amount each person spends on groceries annually in every state.

In 2017, US residents living in Washington D.C., Vermont, Maine, and Hawaii spent the most money on groceries -$US4,577, $US4,452, $US4,115, and $US4,081 per year, respectively. The average person living in Oklahoma, Utah, Alabama, and Arkansas spent the least. Residents living in those states each averaged an annual bill that was nearly half of what people in Washington D.C. spent that year.

People living in rural, farm-heavy states overall tended to spend less on groceries, perhaps because it’s cheaper to produce food in those areas. More remote states like Hawaii and Alaska averaged higher annual grocery spending, as did northern states like Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

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