You Can't Do One Amazing Thing, And Then Never Do Anything Else That Matters


Photo: gelato_alla_prugna via flickr

Were you honest?Were you kind?

Were you thoughtful?

Were you brave?

People remember.

But the thing about memories is that they always change.

Time gets in the way.

What just happened makes what happened earlier seem a bit different. It adds context. And perspective.

Which means you can never stop creating memories. You can’t do one amazing thing and then never do anything else that matters. Over time, the memory of you fades until they don’t remember much about you at all.

People don’t remember.

This is true for work, for finding a new job, and for your personal relationships. What those around you remember about you as a result of what you’re doing right now.

Who you are right now.

What kind of memories are you creating?

This story was originally published by Edgy Conversations.

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