What Regular People Expect From Apple's Next IPhone

IPhone 5SScreenshotTomorrow, Apple will announce its next iPhone

Apple will announce its next iPhone, likely the iPhone 5S, and it’s not just the techies of the world who are excited about the product launch.

In a thread on Quora, there’s a lot of buzz about what Apple fans (and those with an upgrade burning a hole in their pockets) are hoping will be a part of the next iPhone.

Here are some of the most common items on the wish list:

  • A better battery. This one is a no-brainer, and likely what everyone is hoping for.
  • A better alert system. “Android has a better glance ability for alerts,” one Quora user explained. “The ‘immediate glance-ability’ in Android lets you see tiny little badges in the top left corner and lets you see new messages, appointments etc. In iOS you have to actually swipe top of the screen and scroll the list.”
  • Some people are hoping for the ability to select non-Apple apps as default apps (like being able to choose Gmail when sending an email), while others hope certain features get a major face lift, like the camera. “I want a camera with manual aperture, ISO, and shutter speed,” lists one user.

Other popular answers? The ability to record calls, a “smarter” Siri voice assistant, and the option to hide apps you don’t use.

While we can only speculate today what will be revealed by Apple tomorrow, here’s a good idea of what you can expect from the newest iPhone.

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