OBAMA: Here's what I miss most about the White House

President Barack Obama told an audience Thursday what he misses most about his old residence.

The former president said what he misses most about the White House is sitting on the Truman Balcony during summer nights, looking off at the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, a source at the event told the New York Post.

Obama’s made the comments during an appearance at the A&E Networks advertising upfront at The Pierre Hotel in New York, where he received a standing ovation. Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin interviewed Obama for an hour and a half in front of network advertisers.

The event earned Obama a $US400,000 speaking fee, just days after it was reported the president pocketed $US400,000 for agreeing to deliver a speech to a Wall Street bank, Cantor Fitzgerald, in September. The Wall Street speaking fee drew criticism from some on the left and right. Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said the high-dollar Wall Street speech “troubled” her.

Also at the A&E event, Obama told Goodwin that he still has yet to be behind the wheel of a car in his more than three months out of office. The former president is also still learning how to use the coffee machine in his Washington, DC, home.

Here’s a look at the view from the Truman Balcony:

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