12 things no man should ever wear to the office

If you, like many American men, work in an office, you should know that there are things you simply should not wear.

And yet, we see them all the time anyway.

So Business Insider figured it was time to put some of the obvious transgressions onto one definitive list of things no man should wear to the office.

Some of these things look sloppy, some of them look childish, and some of them look just plain ridiculous.

None of that is anything you want.

And since we know you’re wondering, yes all these rules still apply on casual Friday. It’s called “casual” Friday, not “dress like you’re at your best buddy’s house” Friday.

Shouts to Jessica Cadmus of The Wardrobe Whisperer for helping us cobble this eyesore together.

Man jewellery

Melia Robinson/BI

Wedding ring? Yes.

Watch? Of course.

Everything else? You look like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Anything wrinkled.

Business Insider
You can do this!

Oh come on just try.

If you don't know how to iron something yourself, watch BI editor Matt DeBord teach you how here...

After that, welcome to adulthood. Very considerate of you to show.

A 'fashion' belt.




Wearing a hat indoors is rude.

What's more, the hats men choose to wear to work are usually ugly.

And by 'ugly' we mean fedoras. And by 'wear' we mean look pretty bad in.

Anything pleated

J Crew

You know better.

Flip flops.

The Social Network / Columbia Pictures

There is no pair of flip flops that belong in an office.



Not even your 'classy' Rainbows.

Sports apparel of any kind.


Are you at a tailgate?


Take it off.

Some of these things shouldn't have been in your closet in the first place...

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