A Revealing List Of What New Yorkers Do For A Living And How Much They Earn

New York Subway Commute

In a recent Reddit thread, Redditor ransonh asked New Yorkers to reveal how much money they make.

The replies show some disparities between certain professions (paralegal, $37,000; mortgage bond trader, $200,000).

The thread is not an absolute indicator of how much money you’ll make working in the city, but it’s interesting to get a sense of how much people in certain occupations are bringing in.

We’ve looked through the entire thread and pulled out some of the most interesting replies (h/t to New York Magazine):

$155/day: “Substitute teacher for NYC public schools”

$10,000ish: “Stay-at-home-dad, occasional writer”

$19,000: “Development Assistant at a nonprofit”

$26,000: “various kinds of dog care”

$27,000: “server at a small restaurant in West Village”

$30,000: “Graphic designer for an arts / education non-profit”

$31,000: “FDNY EMT”

$32,000: “Non profit work”

$33,000: “Receptionist/Administrative Assistant at boutique accounting firm”

$34,000: “Ebook maker at one of the Big Six”

$34,000: “FT hospital clerk”

$34,000: “Administrative Assistant with a slightly fancier title”

$35,000: “Grant writer at a nonprofit”

$37,000: “Paralegal “

$38,000: “Account Manager/sales/marketing at a small IT firm”

$38,000: “IT Systems tech person at a University”

$40,000: “Part time tech … work 6 days a month”

$40,000: “Media Relations/PR”

$40,000 (plus bonus): “Fraud Manager at a tech company”

$40,000: “Expediter for a big restaurant in Williamsburg”

$40,000: “Church music director” (part-time)

$40,000: “Marketing Coordinator”

$40,000 to $47,000: “inside sales at a Training Company”

$40,000 (plus bonus): “graphic artist for a fashion company”

$40,000: “Staffer in the video department of a newspaper”

$42,000: “Quant Trading Desk  (finance)”

$42,000: “television”

$42,000: “journalist/editor”

$42,000: “LPN”

$42,000: “Office Admin”

$43,000: “Assistant Construction Manager”

$44,000: “Cargo handler for an airline”

$45,000: “sculpture fabricator”

$45,000: “Administrative Assistant at small real estate management company”

$45,000: “45k, UX Designer”

$45,000 (plus overtime, which makes it around $57,000-$60,000): “Executive assistant to the CEO” (Rent is $1500, 1 bedroom in Manhattan)

$47,000: “anti-hunger nonprofit”

$48,000: “Genius at the Apple store”

$49,000: “Archivist for local gov’t agency”

$50,000ish: “E-commerce analyst”

$50,000: “Medical resident”

$50,000: “I run a gym full-time and teach yoga on the side”

$52,000: “sales for an IT recruiting agency”

$52,000: “Operations Supervisor”

$53,000: Permalance “for a Marketing/Communications agency

$54,000: “scientist”

$55,000: “IT help desk”

$55,000: “Geotechnical instrumentation engineer”

$55,000 (plus benefits): “IT consultant … at a major investment bank”

$57,000 to $60,000: “Executive Assistant to the CEO”

$59,000: “Sharepoint / C# ASP.NET Developer”

$60,000: “3D graphic designer”

$60,000: “Research Associate/Program Coordinator at a large hospital”

$62,000: “public school teacher”

$63,000: “Web Analyst”

$65,000: “Bone marrow technologist”

$65,000 (“plus absurd benefits”): Grant writer in a NYC university

$65,000 to $90,000: “R&D research consultant”

$65,000 to $70,000: “Research librarian in BigLaw”

$65,000: “Front end dev at a tech company”

$67,000: “Journalist”

$69,000: “Civil Engineer”

$69,000: “Digital Producer for an advertising agency”

$70,000: “Media buyer”

$70,000: “freelance writer/editor”

$70,000: “mechanical engineer – consulting in hvac/cx/sustainability”

$70,000: “semi-freelance print graphic designer/production at a big publisher”

$70,000 (plus bonus): “marketing and research for a boutique consulting firm”

$71,000: “Web Dev … in a pretty small company”

$72,000: “I create visuals from logos to animation”

$72,000 (plus bonus): “Mechanical engineer”

$74000: “Market research”

$75,000 (plus commission): “Account guy at ad agency”

$75,000: “Sommelier”

$79,000 (after taxes): “Freelance and FT at a famous fashion brand”

$80,000: “Middle office at a top tier IB”

$80,000 (plus bonus): “UX Designer”

$80,000: “Digital Advertising Operations for Tech Start-Up”

$80,000: “Cartographer”

$82,000: “Market research in the B2B technology world”

$82,000 (plus bonus): “Office manager at private fund”

$85,000: “Film Electric”

$85,000 (plus bonus): “Consultant so not salaried”

$87,000 (plus $5k in bonuses): Business analyst for insurance company (Rent is $1700 1 bedroom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

$89,000: “graphic designer”

$90,000: “magazine researcher/fact checker”

$90,000: “Copywriter for digital agency”

$92,000: “In-House Print Production Specialist at big fashion retailer”

$92,000: “Business Analyst (specializing in salesforce.com)”

$95,000 (plus bonus): “Online Advertising”

$98,000: “Sr. Systems and Storage Administrator”

$100,000 (plus bonus): “IT Business Analyst”

$100,000 to $120,000: “Paralegal at BigLaw firm”

$100,000: “Assistant costume designer TV/film”

$110,000 to $115,000: “Web Developer”

$110,000 to $120,000 (plus bonus): “Mobile application engineer”

$120,000: “Software Engineer. Roughly $120k”

$120,000: “Data Scientist”

$120,000: “IT Consultant”

$130,000: “Product Manager at a tech startup”

$140,000: “video editor/producer, freelance”

$140,000: “TV Editor”

$140,000: “I work for an Amazon subsidiary”

$140,000: “mobile software developer”

$145,000: “Advertising”

$150,000: “I write mobile apps (not freelance)”

$150,000: Hedge fund / Private Equity Recruiter

$160,000 (plus bonus): “Lawyer “

$180,000: “banking accountant”

$185,000: “Risk Analyst at a bank”

$200,000: “writer in advertising”

$200,000: “mortgage bond trader”

$250,000: “blogs, SEO, and internet marketing”

$350,000: “executive at a software company”

$426,000: “I own a 3 businesses, and 4 apartment buildings”

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