What Marvel characters are called in other countries

Superheroes must have great names, so we just know they’re super right off the bat.

But sometimes those names get a little lost in translation when publishers ship them abroad.

Having “Pokember” swing into action doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Spider-Man. Likewise, “The Green Buffoon” isn’t exactly a supervillain you’re likely to take too seriously on introduction.

Manchester-based artist James Chapman publishes weekly “international sound” comics, where he has some fun with sounds in other languages. This week he turned his hand to Marvel Characters In Other Countries, and this was the delightful result:

Image by James Chapman

“Some of these are from the comics and some are from the movies,” Chapman explained. “They change their names more often than they change into their costumes.”

We like the literal vibe of “Laser Eye”, but the general consensus on the web is that “Blunderbuss” is actually a much better name for Rocket Raccoon. And Chapman’s getting a few extra tip-offs, too, leading to this winner today:

Image by James Chapman

If you like that, Chapman also has a book on Etsy with a similar vibe, Soundimals: An illustrated guide to animal sounds in other languages.

You can also keep up to date with Chapman’s work on his Tumblr.

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