Why People Fall In Love With Brands As If They're Real-Life Friends

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Why do we fall in love with brands? It’s the same reason that we like our friends, explains Jeff Mancini director of digital strategy for Interbrand in an interview with Todd Wilms at Forbes. We truly like them, and that creates a connection.

Mancini outlined three elements that make us love brands so much and become advocates. From Forbes:

“Honesty – No one wants to be friends with that perfect person.  Perfection is intimidating; humility is comforting. Brands that expose themselves from time to time allow us to empathise with them.  A powerful case for advocacy.

Value – Advocating for brands goes beyond quality or price.  Strong brands have value to us similarly the way we get value from friendships.  Brands that turn the corner and help us see value (beyond just being a pricing decision) earn our loyalty because they make us feel for them.

Reciprocity – How would you react at a party if someone new to you asked “make sure you tell everyone you like me?” Strong brands don’t ask for this veneer of praise.  We are hard-wired to return a favour.  We advocate for brands because they have earned it with us.”

Why do you like the brands that you buy from, and do you think of them as your friends? Let us know in the comments.

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