What Makes A Startup Website Brilliant

There are millions of websites out there. There are millions of webmasters out there. Many of those webmasters depend on their sites for a living. But many fail, and few succeed. Why is that? What makes a website awesome and successful?

Idea. Any good website needs a brilliant idea. In order to have a successful site, you can’t just take an already existing idea, and just copy it. Doing that is for the small timers. You look at facebook. The social network idea existed long before they did. They copied idea, but improved it into a brilliant idea of their own. Myspace was more about promoting yourself than anything else. Friendster was more of a dating social network. facebook filled a need for a DECENT online social network, where friends could talk with friends. For example, my site also has a good idea. Read books online, for free! And not just the outdated books. Even the new ones are viewable online! You need an idea that can get users really excited.

Technology. All sites need technology. You can’t depend on second rate technology. Only the best will do for a successful site. If you have second rate technology, you’re great idea for a website won’t work.

Advertising. If you don’t advertise, trust me, your website will either grow very slowly or it will remain in the dust. You can’t depend too much on word of mouth these days. You need to get the word out there, and then your site can truly succeed.

monetise. All successful websites have found a good way to monetise their traffic properly. You need that money. If you’re going to expand, or hire workers, you need a good way to monetise your traffic, and depend on that to fuel your website’s growth.