What Likely Australian Senator Ricky Muir Says About His Kangaroo Poo Fight

A screen grab from the YouTube video.

Yesterday it emerged that Ricky Muir, a candidate from the Motoring Enthusiast Party who looks set to become a senator, had posted a video of himself having a kangaroo poo fight with friends.

From Denison, 200 kilometers from Melbourne, Muir secured few primary votes but looks set to ride a complex wave of minor party preference deals into the upper house.

The Australian asked him yesterday about the video, first reported by the SMH’s Jonathan Swan. Here’s what he said:

“If you haven’t spent much time in the bush, you go there, and you’ll discover there is poo everywhere.”

Muir is one of six likely minor party senators, such as Rugby League great Glen Lazarus, who will hold a considerable amount of power in a diverse Upper House.

There’s more at The Australian.

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