The Truth About What Kind Of Job You Can Get Into With Your Major

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Williams College students Hayley Brooks and Kaison Tanabe analysed the careers of 15,000+ graduates, and used CIRCOS visualisation software to plot out the data.Professor Satyan Devadoss then published it online. They’ve given us permission to reproduce the data here.

It’s a pretty remarkable presentation – one that helpfully explodes lots of myths about what careers certain majors can enter and which they cannot. (Here’s looking at you, Marc Andreessen.)

This is all the majors

English/literature majors work in health/medicine, teach, write for a living, and become lawyers

Philosophy/Religion major end up teaching, but they follow a similar pattern to English majors, and join the healthcare, sales, and law fields.

Culture Studies students go heavy into law

History students go into law, banking, healthcare, and teaching mainly

Political Studies majors go into law and banking, too.

Econ majors go into banking, sales, and law

Psych major go into health, teaching, banking and law

Geoscience majors do pretty much everything

Biology majors go into healthcare

Chemistry majors do too

Physics majors teach other physics majors or get into medicine

Computer Science majors get into tech

maths majors go into banking, teaching, healthcare, and tech

Artsy-fartsy majors teach, but the also get into healthcare and law

Less artsy liberal arts majors pretty much do all kinds of work available

Science and maths majors mostly go into medicine and college teaching.

If you're going to go into tech, you will want to work at one of these companies.

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