Jamie Dimon: Here's What I REALLY Wanted To Say To Ben Bernanke

Jamie Dimon

Photo: CNBC

Last week, a frustrated Jamie Dimon ambushed Ben Bernanke over over-regulation.The reaction to Dimon’s rant was mixed.

Some thought he looked pathetic. Others thought he was hero. Some felt something in between.

So Dimon wants to clarify his position.

He’s not against regulation — he just think the government needs to narrow its focus, instead of attempting to fix every little problem at once.

He told Andrew Ross Sorkin at Dealbook (after Sorkin called him to “challenge his view” and who says he “was somewhat taken aback” by the JP Morgan chief’s answer),

My point wasn’t that we shouldn’t regulate the industry. But we should think twice about how exactly we’re doing it and the cumulative impact of the changes if the main goal is to help create jobs. I want job growth like everybody else.

[W]e’re trying to do two very different things at the same time. I would stop trying to solve every perceived problem at once. The highest and most important thing we can do right now is to get the economy growing and adding jobs.

Actually, grow the economy and create jobs? That’s exactly what Obama plans to do although he has no clue how to do it, based on what the President told Business Insider last week >

In case you missed it, here’s the video the ambush >

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