A Ridiculous Tally Of What I've Spent To Move Into A New Apartment

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I lived in a studio apartment for two years.I tell people I moved because I found a place with twice the space—and an awesome porch—for what I was paying previously, but the real reason was because most aspects of my life (family, job, relationships) went absolutely haywire this spring.

I thought a move would be a good thing to channel my energy into. Unsurprisingly, I channeled a lot of money into moving, too.

Here’s what I spent:

$800: Security deposit

$100: Deposit for movers to move five pieces of furniture and five boxes of stuff. My new unit is the top floor of a row house. The staircases have tight turns. My friends who have moved before assure me movers are the best thing I could possibly spend my money on. My preferred moving day is Sat., June 30. Because Sat., June 30 is the last Saturday of the month, there are zero movers available anywhere in the D.C. area. I schedule movers for Thurs., June 28 instead.

$104: Ceiling fans. I ask my landlord if I can buy ceiling fans and have them installed by his contractor. He says yes. When I come back to measure a few weeks later, there are ceiling fans installed. “We thought that was a good idea,” my landlord says. Because it was! But now I have two ceiling fans, which I ordered online, and no way to immediately return them to Home Depot.

$10: Four big and four small cardboard boxes. The liquor store is out—”When are you moving? Come back Friday. The recycling guys just came”—but I find a moving-supplies place a block away. The guy doesn’t have the right amount of change for the initial total, so he knocks two bucks off.

$66: Five hours of a Scion xB Zipcar rental. I want to preliminarily move some stuff—boxes of books, sheets and towels, magazines, and a few light pieces of furniture. My landlord is out of town, so I call the contractor to arrange to pick up the keys. “We haven’t finished the floors yet. Isn’t your move-in date July 1?” he says. Slightly miffed, I tell him that though my lease begins July 1, I have to be out of my current apartment on June 30; additionally, my landlord had encouraged me to move things in gradually. The contractor says he’ll work around it. My ex-boyfriend seems quite eager to assist me. He’s better than anyone I know at packing and lifting things. I take him up on his offer.

$0: No-longer-being-used air-conditioning unit, obtained from my ex-boyfriend’s place of employment.

$101: The rest of the payment for the movers. I realise far too late—as in, when the two guys are toting the five pieces of furniture and five boxes out of my apartment—that I should have just paid them to move everything. I offer to pay them to move everything. They decline.

$27.50: Lunch at Adam Express for my friend and I. He has graciously sacrificed his Thursday afternoon to help me carry small pieces of furniture, records, and kitchen accoutrements. We schelp two loads of stuff in my other friend’s Toyota Camry. I order the bulgogi, and he orders the kang pung gi.

$160: Dining set, bought off a friend who also just moved. I have a kitchen that’s big enough for a dining set. This is a novelty.

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