Here's How The Original Starbucks Is Different From All The Others


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Starbucks has nearly 20,000 locations worldwide and seemingly has one on every street corner in the U.S., but it all started in downtown’s Seattle’s Pike Place Market.The first store opened in 1971 at 1912 Pike Place and it’s still there. It has become a tourist attraction, and is one of the busiest Starbucks locations on the planet.

Redditor StillCorperateCoffe works at the store, and he fired up an “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit to talk about his experiences there.

How many hours a week do you work, how long have you worked there and how did you get the job?

'I work 25 hrs a week and I'm a full time student. Worked at that store for a while, but I got the job because I transferred from my store in CA with a great recommendation. If you want to work for starbucks, they are willing to train. So, go out there and get in the stores. Meet the managers. My boss told me he hires based on his gut 80% of the time. Go make a first impression!'

Source: Reddit

How busy does it get?

'So today our line was about 300 ft down the block. What is really interesting is that you will see that white tourists see the line, and if its too long out the door they just scowl and walk away, maybe to return when the line is shorter.

'But the asian tourists just keep on coming. They will wait for longer than an hour! I had a theory about the point of a queue that makes it too long for people to join, but damn, those asians will wait in any line. I believe that.'

Source: Reddit

Do they even ask what the line is for, or do they just stand in it and tweet about how they're standing in a long line for something cool?

'We have musicians at the door. This awesome guy Gregory Paul who is on spotify plays out front. Also this four black guy gospel group who piss me off. They sing about Jesus. I don't like songs about Jesus.'

Source: Reddit

Do you have an oven and do you do the sandwiches? Are the food products the same as they are at any other Starbucks?

'Nope! We don't sell any RTD&E (ready to drink and eat, for nubes). No muffins or sandwiches, and certainly no oven here. We have a deal with the market, because if we sold the,, customers would rather shop at our store than the many awesome bakeries of the market.

Pear and Le Panier are right next to us. Piroshky Piroshky and Mee Sum Pastry and close too. Really great little places to get a bite to eat. Also fuck oven cleaning. 60 minutes to cool down. Bull shit.'

Source: Reddit

How many stations do you have behind the bar, and how many people work on any given day?

'4 bar stations. Milk side and shot side for hot bar, and double back bars on frapps and teas. It's awesome. 14 people ish on a busy day.'

Source: Reddit

Are there any procedures or routines that your store goes through that any other Starbucks doesn't?

'So other than our insane deployment and our manual machine, we are a lot like other stores. We prep like crazy, but we have enough floaters to get things on lock down when problems arise. We do start waves with customers, or dance, and be generally crazy. We are weird.

'One thing is that we ALWAYS will ask where you are from. We all want to know, legitimately. We all ask everyone about their town and talk about them a lot. We are good listeners.'

Source: Reddit

How often does Howard Schultz visit your store?

'Howard comes in fairly often. Like, once every couple of weeks. My boss tells me he has a personal key and that he comes into the store at 2am sometimes and leaves notes about the store. I believe it, because it sounds like him. The store is his pride and joy.'

Source: Reddit

Have you ever had international fellow partners stop in?

'We get international partners pretty often! It's lame I can't give them a discount. We get SO many people from corporate. Always under the microscope.'

Source: Reddit

Do you get paid above minimum wage? What are tips like for you on a weekly basis?

'I do get paid above minimum wage, but not by too much. But Washington state min wage is TOO DAMN HIGH.

'Tips are solid, for Starbucks at least. It's not like bussing tables, but $40 every week doesn't hurt anyone.'

Note: The minimum wage is Washington State is $9.04 -- the highest in the country.

Source: Reddit

Has anyone famous ever come there?

'Every time any skinny indian guys from Amazon comes in, I lose my shit and think Aziz Ansari is in my store. But no, we haven't had any famous people recently. Melissa Ethridge once though, and her lady friend. No Bill Gates.

'I get my picture taken every day and that's nice. I feel like a celebrity.'

Source: Reddit

How many people from other states/countries visit Seattle just for that Starbucks?

Does the language barrier ever make your job difficult?

'INSANELY! Especially when telling people about how we have a line. Yes, I meet many people from the coolest places. I speak enough swedish to have a conversation about life, and so it's great when Swedes, Nords, and argonians Danish people come in.

'I pretty much say 'Anyang' like from Arrested Development to koreans and sing domo arigato to Japanese people.'

Source: Reddit

Whats the longest/most complicated single order you've ever gotten?

'Shoot, in one drink? Well, the dumbest was a trenta (barf) iced coffee with 4 add shots 16 count 'em 16 pumps of white mocha (6 in a venti usually) 6 pumps of vanilla, and then she bitched that we don't have trenta dome lids because she wants whipped cream.

'So we put whip in it anyway with a flat lid. But she freaks out that I have to charge her for all of the modifiers when it's just a trenta coffee refill that would be $.55 and tells me shes trying to lose weight. I'm thinking 'BITCH YOU ON THE WRONG TRAIN', but I had to deal with her respectfully. If that story made any sense... I'll be honest I'm pretty toasted.'

Source: Reddit

Have any customer horror stories?

'Today a woman caused a PRETTY big fuss. Customers were waiting at the front of the line were taking pictures in and all while there were no open registeres. (we have 3). The next customers line jumped them and started to move toward a register that was in use.

I was the greeter so I said my usual 'hey guys! Are you waiting to order? So we have a line-' 'I know', she says, 'they are taking pictures and not ordering'. 'I understand. So all of the registers are in use and I am gonna send them over when one opens up, so they are fine to take pictures. Then you guys are next.'

Apparently, that wasn't acceptable so she told me that I'm a 'punk arse kid' and said they are taking pictures. So I said 'miss I'm sorry this is so hard for you, but I'm going to have to ask for you to wait in line.' So she demanded to see my boss. I was not in the wrong, didn't bother anyone, but it's just lame that people come to a tourist trap and are in a rush. Chill people.'

Source: Reddit

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