Here's What It's Like To Sell Pot (Sort Of) Legally


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It’s nerve-racking to work in a marijuana distribution centre — especially if it’s in a state where the topic of medically-prescribed marijuana is at the legal forefront.With conflicting laws and rulings, there’s always a chance the federal government could raid your business at any time. 

To see what it’s like to work at a marijuana medical dispensary in one of those conflicting states — Washington — we  turned to a popular “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit.

Q: Why did you start?

A: One of my best friends from high school opened it up and she needed some help around the place with paperwork, organisation and deciphering legal jargon.

She is more of the creative/idea type, I'm more task-oriented. She trusts me, needed someone that was different than her to manage other things and needed someone who had the balls to be there and be straight up about the situation, with it being so risky.

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Q: Were you or other employees allowed to buy or smoke?

A: Yes, we are allowed to buy to smoke, obviously not on the premises. I tried about every strain there at one time. We had up to 30 at once.

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Q: How much do you mark up the product? Do you get a discount?

A: 50 per cent.

There is not really a discount, they just throw it to me free of cost.

Source: dralbop, Penroze and charitybrains on Reddit

Q: I heard that it's extremely easy to get a medicinal card by lying about having a medical problem. Is that true?

A: For the medical card, it depends on which group of physicians you go to to get your card. I know some physicians who spend hours with their patients and other therapies before suggesting cannabis, while some groups do an interview on the phone, you pay the money and there you go.

I, personally, went to a physician who spent a great deal of time with me. Also, each state has different qualifying conditions which can get you a medical card. I get very bad migraines, cannabis really helps, but that is not a qualifying condition in this state. However, I have chronic back pain, which is a qualifier.

Source: ElRedditoRoboto and charitybrains on Reddit

Q: How much would it cost to see a doctor and get the card? Also how long does it take and do you have to do a lot of paperwork?

A: About 140 dollars. That's generally the cost of the card and the visit. There is not too much paperwork involved.

Source: cinman17 and charitybrains on Reddit

Q: What kind of people do you buy the marijuana from?

A: All kinds of crazy people and a few normal people. We refer to them as 'vendors.' People come in with a sample of their grow.

One of the owners samples everything and hand picks out what he likes. Lots of crazy hippies, some business men, thugs, nerds, everyone.

Source: Penroze and charitybrains on Reddit

Q: What was your most memorable experience with a customer?

A: Every day is pretty crazy. And it runs the gambit across the board of craziness. Like selling cannabis to a 85-year-old woman for her joint pain, then having a terrifying, scary person come in and try to barter with you.

The most memorable day for sure was when Olympia and South Seattle were being raided. Everyone in the industry was contacting each other, via email, cell phone, fax, everything. We just sat there and looked at each other and said 'what are we going to do?'. A few minutes later, I said 'let's get the fuck out of here.' So, of course we gathered all the herb, all the patient information, pretty much anything of value and got it out of there and sat at home waiting all day to hear what was going on and figuring out when we'd return to our shop and if the feds had kicked down our door.

Source: On1yOne and charitybrains on Reddit

Q: Do you believe that the Feds will eventually stop raiding these places?

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