Here's what it's like to shop online from Zara -- and how it compares to the in-store experience and The Iconic

Screenshot/ Zara

  • Zara launched its online store in Australia last week.
  • The site has the potential to be better than The Iconic.
  • The retailer allows customers to pick up their order to avoid shipping costs.
  • We put the new store to the test.

  • Zara launched its online store in Australia last week.

    The new offering has the potential to challenge its biggest rival, The Iconic, for its spot as number one online retailer in the country.

    We decided to put the new site to the test to see what it’s like to use, and whether The Iconic should be concerned.

    Here’s how it went.

    OK here’s the item that I am buying: a black velvet nautical-style hat for $29.95

    Zara/ Screenshot

    After selecting the item I was directed to the shopping basket

    Zara/ Screenshot

    And then asked how I wanted it delivered…

    Zara/ Screenshot

    For this experiment we chose the option of picking it up in store — something that is not offered by The Iconic.

    What my contact details were…

    Zara/ Screenshot

    How I wanted to pay…

    Zara/ Screenshot

    Because I am picking it up in store, there are no excess charges.

    And it was done

    Zara/ Screenshot

    A few seconds later I received the email confirmation. The process took no longer than a couple of minutes

    Sarah Kimmorley

    The next afternoon an email came through announcing that my order had been dispatched to the store I had selected

    Along with a bar code I needed to take with me to process the pick up

    Screenshort/ Zara

    The following day I received a text and email, telling me the order was ready to picked up

    Sarah Kimmorley

    The following Monday I went to pick up the order at 2.45pm from the store on Pitt Street in Sydney

    Sarah Kimmorley

    It was an off peak shopping time and there weren’t as many people in the store as I normally have to contend with

    There was only one person in front of me so I didn’t have to wait long to be served. Here’s a look at the line after me

    The shop assistant scanned my e-ticket and left to retrieve my parcel.

    She was back in a couple of minutes with the parcel and a device to scan the bar code of parcel

    Unfortunately there was a small hiccup with the scanner and she was unable to get it to work. She ducked away to get some help.

    While I waited I had a look around. No other shoppers appeared to be picking up parcels

    It wasn’t long before she was back and asked for my signature, after which she gave me the parcel.

    Here it is! The whole process took less than 10 minutes

    First impression: Seems like a lot of packaging for a hat.

    Let’s take a look inside

    The packaging is exquisite. Much nicer than The Iconic

    And the product looks exactly like the picture on the website

    Same price, same product, and speedy service. It was overall a very positive experience

    Would I do it again? Absolutely.

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