What It's Like To See Through Google Glass

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We’ve written about our experiences with Google Glass. We’ve posted big, beautiful images of what the device can do. And we’ve even recorded video of Business Insider reporters trying Glass for the first time.

But now it’s time to reveal what it looks like to actually see through Glass. 

Google Glass and Android game developer Laura Ockel recently recorded a video of the user interface shown through the Glass device. Ockel and her company, Tesseract Mobile, are also the developers behind the unofficial Glass to Facebook app.

When you first put on Glass, you'll see the welcome screen.

The question you ask Glass appears on the screen in front of you.

Here's the answer to how tall the Eiffel Tower is.

Tap the touchpad located on the side of Glass or nod your head to return the main screen.

Now for the next search. How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?

And voila.

Tap or nod to return to the main screen.

Tap the camera button to snap the photo.

Tap to return the main screen.

Using the touchpad, you can swipe through photos you want to share.

Tap to share.

Swipe through to see the services you can share to. Third-party app Glass to Facebook shares to Facebook.

You can also share to Google+...

Glassnost, a third-party social network for Google Glass photos...

Or Glassagram, an Instagram for Glass third-party service.

Once you decide which service to send your photo to, tap the touchpad to share.

Nod or tap the touchscreen to return the main menu.

Here's what the UI looks like when you start recording.

The default length for videos is 10 seconds. Tap the camera button to extend the length of the recording. Tap the camera button again when you're done recording.

Now you're back on the main screen.

Swipe the touchpad to scroll through your media content.

Tap the video you just created to share it. Swipe the touchpad to select where you want to share the video.

Fullscreen BEAM is a third-party app for sharing directly to YouTube.

Tap to share.

Now, take a look at the video to get the full effect with sound.

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