Guy Who Once Dated A Goldman Woman Claims: "They Don't Laugh, They Operate"

Anna Katherine Barnett HartGoldman’s AK Barnett Hart


A man who has dated/been scorned by a couple of Goldman Sachs ladies has written an interesting opinion of what it’s like to date them in a blog post today.He says they have no sense of humour, they’re boring, they’re control freaks, and don’t even think about having sex with one of them during the Super Bowl (you’ll see).

Juicy. Obviously, when reading this, remember that he dated them, as in the past, so they’re ex-girlfriends. Who likes those?

Also, we know ladies at Goldman, and they laugh. They also don’t hold a creepy-sounding smile like the one he details below. But hey, our’s is just one person’s opinion, and so is his.

What it’s like to date a woman who works at Goldman, by EPJ:

Goldman Sachs women don’t laugh, they operate, and part of that operating means that you must take Goldman seriously all the time. Now on dates, when I am bored, I will prod and probe. With Goldman women, you can get bored pretty fast. They hold on their face what I would call a corporate version of a hare krishna smile. You can say the most absurd thing and they will hold that smile. You can say the most insightful thing and they will hold that smile. It’s almost as though they don’t know the difference between absurd and insightful, so they just smile.

But outside of the little niche of Goldman that they work in, they don’t know much. In order to prove they are one of the “guys”, they may show an unusual knowledge of and seriousness about football. One Goldman gal told me she dumped her last boyfriend because he wanted to have sex during the Super Bowl. “What kind of guy is that?” she asked me.

Now click here to meet Goldman’s AK Barnett Hart, a 15-year old whose Harvard thesis inspired the book, The Big Short.

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