Here's what it's like to be gay in one of the most homophobic countries on earth

Uganda is one of the most homophobic countries in the world. The country, along with many other African nations, has demolished gay peoples’ rights, forcing them into a life of secrecy and denial. Thirty-six of Africa’s 55 nations have criminalised homosexuality.

Many members of the LGBT community in Uganda decide to never reveal their sexuality because if they do, they risk losing their jobs and family, being imprisoned, or even being killed.

But every year, in the face of oppression, a small number of Ugandans gather just outside the country’s capital, Kampala, and celebrate the pride the Ugandan government tries to strip away.

Reuters was there to document the event and the results are both inspirational and heartbreaking.

In 2010, Ugandan newspaper, 'Rolling Stone,' published a story headlined: '100 PICTURES OF UGANDA'S TOP HOMOS LEAK.' Inside, the portraits and home addresses of gay Ugandans were published.


One of the men on the list was David Kato, a prominent gay rights activist in Uganda. He was subsequently murdered and many others were physically assaulted and received death threats.

YouTube/Alexa Espinal

In 2014, another newspaper published a similar feature. 'EXPOSED,' read the headline, 'Uganda's 200 Top Homos Named.'

YouTube screenshot

This is a picture from the first London Pride in 1972. Like today's Ugandan Pride, only a small number of people attended. 700 people joined the march itself, many of them carrying homophobic placards and protesting the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

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