Booths Full Of Booze, Electric Mermaids, And Geeks In Vegas: What It's Like To Attend The Biggest Tech Conference In The World

The Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) is the biggest tech event of the year.

Each January, companies large and small from all over the world gather to show us what the year ahead in tech is supposed to look like.

This year, between 150,000 and 160,000 people attended, and more than 3,600 companies exhibited their products.

It was four days of non-stop press conferences, demos, walking, and of course, partying. Here’s what we saw.

As soon as we landed in Vegas, the first thing we saw were slot machines. They're all over McCarran Airport.

Our first stop was in the SLS Hotel's World Tower. I was on the 21st floor.

The first day of CES took place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where companies like Samsung and LG held press conferences all day. A few people zoomed around the hotel on these little scooter things to get from event to event.

The showroom floor was packed. Big companies like Samsung had elaborate booths set up in Central Hall.

The Hulk was there too.

There were tons of strange gadgets on the showroom floor, like these little robotic dinosaurs.

The North Hall housed all sorts of fancy futuristic luxury cars like this Corvette.

Fitness and health tech was a big theme at the show. It wasn't uncommon to see people working out in the middle of the conference just like this.

Some smart CES attendees took advantage of these strange foot massagers, too.

Selfie sticks were everywhere this year! Tons of people were using them for photos, like our own Steve Kovach.

One vendor was showing off nothing but selfie sticks.

If you're planning on going to CES, be prepared to wait in really long lines. Here's what the line was like to get from the convention center to the Venetian Hotel.

And here's the line to get into Intel's press conference. It stretched for two whole floors in the Venetian.

Intel's press conference started out in a strange way with an epic dance performance.

And then of course there were the parties. Samsung kicked off CES with a party our first night. These electric mermaids floated in the SLS Hotel's pool where the event took place.

One of our favourite parties was one thrown by Rolling Stone and Marshall Headphones. Tenacious D performed.

There was even an ice bar at one event.

Marketing firm Mighty thew a party on top of Las Vegas' High Roller Ferris wheel.

The view was incredible.

Tech evangelist Robert Scoble threw a party in his suite on the 61st floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It was sponsored by Yo, and the view was amazing there too.

On our last night, smartphone battery case maker Mophie threw an exclusive party in this secret bar inside its booth on the showroom floor.

It was a blast, but we're excited to get back home and actually get some sleep. See you next year!

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