What it's like inside Australia's Google HQ in Sydney

Yesterday I attended the launch of Google’s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P in Australia at the region’s head office in Sydney.

As part of the launch we were treated to a tour of the local digs. While it was only a brief look around the engineering quarter, I was able to get a real taste of what it would be like to work for one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

From quiet zones to the classic “Dance Dance Revolution” game, here’s what I saw.

Arriving at the office in Pyrmont, the elevators are designed to look like a train carriage, with the doors painted yellow and the signs similar to those used the Sydney train network.

The reception is pretty standard...

Although it does have this cool big screen for people to watch in the waiting area.

Walking through the corridors of the office there are these alcoves with random things. They could definitely be considered an OH&S hazard in any other work environment.

Here I found the first reference to Sydney.

This is one of the four kitchen/cafes in the building. For breakfast, there's a variety of croissants and coffee.

And freshly squeezed OJ.

In one of the meeting rooms were Android characters hanging from the ceiling clutching what appears to be marshmallows -- a tribute to the latest update.

These chill-outs are scattered in every unused corner of the office.

Behold the ultimate chill-out zone.

While this photo appears light, it was almost pitch black. It is used by employees who need some time to switch off.

Direction signs are at most intersections or doorways.

There's a 'Maker Space' where Googlers can get creative.

It's fitted with gadgets, welding gear and other cool stuff.

Interestingly there are also a number of security guards on duty. I was visiting with a large group of other journalists, so perhaps they're not always there.

Employees have lockers for their things. It appears many of them bring a change of shoes.

Perhaps it's so that they can use this while they work.

Or so they can play a bit of in-house 'Dance Dance Revolution'. Our guide said people often spend half an hour or so on it, as an alternative way to exercise.

But if they need to relax they can kick back and play games or watch TV.

Most of the design is edgy and colourful...

And the space is free flowing and open.

Here's another cafe. Did I mention all the food is free?

And there are smoothie machines!

The dining areas are very communal.

And there are plenty of them.

These type of feature walls are a common scene throughout.

So are these fridges full of drinks -- also free!

But if you're feeling only a little peckish, you can help yourself to the snack station.

But the health conscience company is always looking after you, hiding the more appealing sweets out of sight.

This is a cool little thinking area to kick back in.

And this is exactly what it looks like. Although I don't know if it's big enough to do any serious climbing.

But it does come with a warning.

Now on the lower level of the office, the floor is even squishy. Maybe it's for the people who try to climb the wall?

In another meeting room are these paint-splattered walls and Hazmat suits. Apparently the Google engineers got to have a bit of fun designing the room when it was first built.

Even the lights are fun and funky.

Here we have a games area fit out with pool, table tennis and other fun activities.

But if you're not into the larger games, there are equally as fun smaller games you can play.

Another cafe.

More dining areas.

These accessory supplies are also scattered through the office, just in case people's devices run out of battery and they need a charger ASAP.

If you're musically inclined there is also a room where you can jam and find some inspiration in.

And yes, the room is call MMMBop.

Another meeting room with a big whale white board and underwater wallpaper.

I've also noticed these nifty cameras in all of the meeting rooms, making video conference much easier and allowing the entire room to participate.

For some reason I thought there would be a lot more branding around. But I'm kinda glad there wasn't.

Without it the overall vibe is welcoming and comfortable.

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