What It's Like At Google's Hyper-Secure Data centres

servers no lights

Photo: Flickr / Kim Scarborough

Unlike Facebook, which has pretty much opened its server technology to the world as an open source project, Google is extremely secretive about its back-end technology.So secretive, for example, that it doesn’t even keep lights on in its server rooms for fear of someone taking a look at the tech and stealing Google’s ideas, according to a new report from Wired.

About two years ago, Google unscrewed all the light bulbs in its server cages at an Equinix data centre. It sends its technical staff in with headlamps, much like miners, according to the Wired piece.

And that’s not all — security is ridiculously tight:

Security is high in the company’s facilities. Hand geometry readers — i.e. fingerprint readers that extend beyond fingerprints — guard access to the data centre floor. There’s a security camera looking at you every time you turn around. And each company can contain their gear in their own cages, protected by still more hand readers. But if you’re on the floor, you can peer into the cages. For cooling purposes, they’re not walled off.

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