Employees Say Working At Walmart Is Worse Than Target And Costco

Courtesy of Glassdoor.com

Working at Walmart is worse than Target and Costco, according to an employee survey put out by Glassdoor.

The jobs site asked 1,800 people to rank everything from employee morale to work-life balance and both Walmart and its CEO came up last by every measure.

The company has long been criticised for its wage structure (CEO Michael Duke earns more in an hour than many of the store’s employees earn in a year) and for wiping out mum-and-pop retailers. But it still employs 1.4 million people in the U.S. Glassdoor asked its employees to share what it’s like to work for the company, and here’s what a few of them said:

“You’ll be the only one in the department some nights for up to 5 hours straight. Some managers will thank you for a good work, some won’t at all.” – an electronics sales associate

“Too many managers and supervisors and too few associates to perform the work load. (There is a) lack of communication between management, supervisors, and associates.” – an operations associate

“I do not like wearing blue and khaki. Khaki pants do not look good on anyone. I feel anyone who works on the floor should be able to wear jeans.”  – a sales associate from Columbia, Missouri

“If you get into an older store with lots of long-term employees left then you have a pretty good work environment, since they still model after Sam Walton’s example of leadership style (people first). The newer stores model just like the new leadership, putting profit first and people last.” – a manager trainee

Some even toed the company line:

“Best ideas are generated from bottom up – all because of Sam’s beliefs and ethics – revisit Sam’s fundamentals.” – a programmer analyst from Bentonville, Arkansas (where the company is HQ’d)

“A very stable organisation with a bright future. Apples for apples elite within their industry. A good company to make a career with if the retail industry is your chosen career path.” – a shift manager

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