What It Really Costs To Be Successful


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It’s not easy to achieve success. It doesn’t matter what you call success, it’s hard to pull off. It might be making your first million dollars or growing you business past a billion dollars. Heck, it might be just finding a job that will pay you for your skills.

Make no mistake — achieving success is not for the faint of heart.

Achieving success costs you a lot. Your family life. Having fun. Years of your life. Friendships.

You have to be willing to do what very few others are willing to do. Day after day after day after day.

There is no backing down. Just a relentless obsession on achieving outrageous results.

And that’s usually too costly a price to pay.

That’s not something that we are willing to put ourselves through.

So we back down. Gracefully. With a socially acceptable excuse.

  • We get a college degree instead of continuing to learn from our mistakes and moving forward.
  • We pay for “7 step guaranteed success webinars” instead of paying forward effort needed to get things done.

It’s just too much. It hurts too bad to be amazing.

And no one is talking about that. No one is talking about the fact that we are too weak and fearful and scared to fight for our own success. We aren’t willing to pay the price to be successful.

And it makes the difference in being amazing.

In not being amazing. So let’s get really clear. It does no one any good to be confused about the matter. The truth is that the cost to be successful is high.

You’ll hurt worse than you ever thought you could. Looking back you’ll be amazed at what you were willing to endure.

But if you can decide to pay the price, you’ll end up with a reward that is greater than you could have ever imagined. You’ll achieve more than you thought possible. You’ll become the type of person that you used to idolize. You’ll be the hero you always wanted to be.

And so you have to ask yourself: “What are you willing to pay for that?”

This story was originally published by Edgy Conversations.

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