WIKING: The New Drinking Trend Sweeping The Pacific Northwest


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Now you can combine your passion for the great outdoors and taste for fine wine in a whole new way: wiking.The pastime, a combination of wine tasting and hiking, has become increasingly popular in Oregon, long a hiking destination and increasingly a popular spot for oenophiles, according to an article in the New York Times Travel section this weekend.

Several companies apparently offer wiking tours, including one where customers pat $1,150 to trek 10 miles a day on “a pack mule trail forged by miners over 100 years ago.”

From the New York Times:

There are nightly wine tastings and oenology talks by a winemaker, as well as fresh-caught Chinook salmon for lunch.

A raft carrying equipment and a guide is available to anyone who wants a glimpse of the river’s beavers, otters and black bears.

Sounds a lot safer than wine touring by bicycle. And much better than planking, the other strangely named (and dangerous) trend we just read about.

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