What is Wi-Fi calling? Everything you need to know about making calls using Wi-Fi instead of a cellular connection

Traveler on bus headphones looking at phoneRawpixel/Getty ImagesWi-Fi calling can come in handy when you’re traveling.
  • Wi-Fi calling allows you to make calls from a Wi-Fi connection instead of a cellular connection.
  • Wi-Fi calling is available on all major carriers and on all recent smartphone models.
  • When you have spotty cell service, placing a call over Wi-Fi is the best way to get clear audio.
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You’ve probably heard a thing or two about Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi calling is a great feature because not only is it free, but it also helps you make quality calls when your cell reception is weak.

Here’s what you should know about Wi-Fi calling, including how to set it up on your phone.

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