Forget the thigh gap, the 'thighbrow' might be Instagram's newest body obsession

Following in the footsteps of sideboob and thigh gaps, there’s a new body craze to display on Instagram: the thighbrow.

The thighbrow, according to British site The Debrief (once referred to as the “BuzzFeed for girls”), is the crease in your thigh that shows when you’re sitting in a high-cut bathing suit. It’s apparently about to get big, according to the jokey Debrief, which wrote about the trend in somewhat of an exasperated tone.

Now let’s go on into the world and forget anyone ever mentioned what a f—ing thighbrow is because if you have one, fine, and if you don’t have one, fine. Nobody’s going to hire you for a thighbrow and I’m fully aware of the irony of writing an article about something only to tell everyone to shut up about it but could we all shut up about it? Great.

The hashtag on Instagram for #thighbrow has a scant 18 posts at the time of this writing, but the Kardashians have been flaunting their thighbrows in photos for some time.

And with higher-cut swimsuits from the ’80s and ’90s creeping their way back into modern beach fashion, it was only a matter of time before someone coined a phrase to describe this phenomenon. 

Here are a few other Instagram users getting in on the trend — and correctly identifying it as #thighbrow, including this woman who posted the hashtag over a year ago in July 2014.

Recently, a fan account posted this photo of Beyoncé with visible thighbrow.

This Instagrammer took a break from reading to post a photo of her thighbrow.

The budding trend happens to just be getting its start as swimsuit season is ending for much of North America, unfortunately. And regardless of whether it’s a good or a bad thing, this probably won’t be the last we see of thighbrow.


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