'American Horror Story' released new teasers that hint at the most gruesome season yet

Last year, fans knew the latest theme of “American Horror Story” nine months before the fifth season premiered.

But here we are about two months before the September 14 premiere of the sixth instalment in Ryan Murphy’s anthology series, and there’s no official word about the theme of the season.

But we finally have the first teasers, which were released on Snapchat on Wednesday.

In the clips, the “6” indicating the season number is joined by a question mark, as it has been on the show’s Facebook page since June.

The teasers are all terrifying and freaky in the typical “AHS” style.

There’s a crib with a knife and fish hook as a mobile; a set of steps with hands that pop out and grab a woman’s ankle; a bug crawling over a woman’s (Lady Gaga’s?) face; a seemingly possessed family walking in the sunset; and the “6” and “?” being stapled into a man’s head and later blowing out as smoke from a farmhouse’s chimney.

Initially, the torture-house vibe feels very much like “Hostel,” the horror film in which college students abroad are kidnapped and tortured by a sadistic group. The tools hanging from the mobile, the poor individual meeting the business end of a staple gun, and the likely slicing of a woman’s Achille’s heel wouldn’t be out of place in an Eli Roth movie.

The family with illuminated eyes seem right out of “The Strangers” or maybe even the Buckners from Joss Whedon’s “The Cabin in the Woods.” It’s probably their farmhouse that has some serious smoke problems.

Combining both of those ideas, season six could venture into “The Hills Have Eyes” territory.

Season six could also be potentially linked to the first season, “Murder House.” Ryan Murphy decided to change his mind and decree that all of the “AHS” seasons are connected, which he initially denied. So it would make sense that season six would go back to a major unanswered plot point from season one: Michael.

Michael was the demon baby born at the end of “Murder House” and adopted by Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange). The last time we saw young Michael was when he was three and smiling in a rocking chair after he had brutally killed the housekeeper.

Will we finally see what’s up with the antichrist? Hopefully, and hopefully it means Jessica Lange returns.

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