There's a weird new feature in Snapchat's update today, and the company didn't announce it

Earlier today, we reported on Snapchat’s new update.

In addition to letting you add a bunch of emoji to your snaps, it also lets you enable Travel Mode, which cuts down on data usage by letting you manually load people’s snaps. And it makes it easier to see who’s looking at your Snapchat Stories.

But according to The Next Web, there’s another new feature in today’s Snapchat update that the company didn’t announce. And it doesn’t seem to be fully functional yet.

It’s called Trophy Case. You access it by going to your profile and tapping the “up” arrow.

Then you’re shown your trophy case.

One reward we were shown is “send 10 snaps with the front-facing flash on.” 

The trophies repeat themselves, as The Next Web pointed out. 

Some users have already found the Trophy Case feature and seem confused by it.

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