This crazy new game looks like 'Grand Theft Auto' meets 'Mad Max'

“Rage 2” is what happens when the open-world experience of “Grand Theft Auto” meets the sun-drenched post-apocalypse.

Just look at this madness:

RAGE 2Avalanche Games/Bethesda SoftworksLook familiar?

The newly-unveiled “Rage 2” won’t arrive for at least another year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but we got our first good look at it this week.

Here’s what we know so far about the next big game from the folks behind “DOOM” and “Just Cause”:

“Rage 2” is a sequel to — you guessed it — “Rage,” a 2011 game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Avalanche Games/Bethesda Softworks

Like the previous game, “Rage 2” is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland — the remnants of civilisation after an asteroid collided with Earth. As expected, society has devolved into violent factions.

Avalanche Games/Bethesda Softworks

And how do you deal with those violent factions? With giant guns, of course. And some superpowers (more on that in a moment).

Avalanche Games/Bethesda SoftworksThe asteroid seemingly mutated some of the remaining humans. This fella has at least one boot and several utensils sticking right out of him.

Like “Mad Max” and “Waterworld” before it, the post-apocalypse of “Rage 2” also includes patchwork technology scavenged from pre-apocalypse times.

Avalanche Games/Bethesda SoftworksExpect car-based gun fights in the open stretches of ‘Rage 2’s’ open world.

In case it weren’t already clear enough, rolling through the open-world wasteland in a murder mobile is gonna be a standard component of “Rage 2.”

Avalanche Games/Bethesda Softworks

Beyond the humanoid mutants, there are clearly some outrageously large foes as well. For these guys, you’ll likely need to channel your superpowers (so-called “Nanotrite” abilities) into your weapons.

Avalanche Games/Bethesda Softworks

“Rage 2” is essentially a superhero game when it comes to combat. You play as “Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland” – a man who carries a particular type of blood that gifts him with special powers.

The long and short is “Rage 2” is a game where you’ll both leap into the sky and run around blasting shotguns. The idea is that you chain together your special abilities with your arsenal, a la 2016’s “DOOM” – fitting, given that “Rage 2” is a co-production of id Software and Avalanche Studios. The former is responsible for “DOOM.”

Here’s how they describe it:

“Among the arrows [Walker] can choose from his Nanotrite ability quiver are the power to crush enemies into paste from above in a devastating slam attack or send them flying away from him with a lethal energy push. Walker will also learn to channel these Nanotrites into his weapons, pushing them into an awe-inspiring Overdrive, a unique skill that lets him push his guns beyond their limits and unleash absolute hell on his foes.”

The remaining pockets of civilisation in “Rage 2” are also reminiscent of the colourful, over-the-top characters in “Mad Max.”

Avalanche Games/Bethesda SoftworksSweet balloon!

The other half of the development duo behind “Rage 2” is Avalanche Studios – the folks behind the beloved “Just Cause” series and, most recently, cult hit “The Hunter: Call of the Wild.”

Avalanche also made a video game adaptation of the “Mad Max” film – really! The company is known for making quality games specifically in this category.

We’ll see more of “Rage 2” in the coming weeks as the year’s big video game show, E3 2018, kicks off in mid-June. Maybe we’ll find out how this guy survived in the post-apocalypse to old age!

Avalanche Games/Bethesda Softworks

Check out the game in action right here:

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