This crazy-looking romantic comedy about monsters is dominating China's box office right now

Monster hunt chinaYouTube/CGV Cinemas Vietnam‘Monster Hunt’ is all the rage in China right now.

In the US, “Jurassic World” has been the big box-office story of the summer.

But on the other side of the globe, Chinese moviegoers are turning out in droves to see a new movie called “Monster Hunt.”

In fact, “Monster Hunt” broke China’s record for first-day gross this past weekend, netting roughly $US27.7 million in one day, according to Variety.

The film — directed by Raman Hui, a co-director on “Shrek the Third” and several other short films from DreamWorks Animation — is a blend of live action and 3D.

It’s set in a fantasy world where monsters and humans fight for supremacy, but the trailer also shows off some pretty strange, quirky humour.

The movie features monsters disguised as humans …

… and some interesting dialogue.

This man is… pregnant? With a baby monster?

There are a lot of strange-looking monsters here, too. They look pretty cartoonish for the most part.

According to one moviegoer who saw the film and reviewed it on IMDB, the name “Monster Hunt” is a bit misleading. Here’s how that reviewer described the plot with spoilers:

The obviously pregnant queen in the monster kingdom finds herself on the losing side of a power struggle and escapes into the forbidden human kingdom, hotly pursued by her enemies from back home. We never see the monster kingdom again as the story takes on a culinary flavour. A monster baby of royal lineage, you see is considered by humans to be multi-star Michelin fare.

The story is essentially about a guy and a girl who kind of adopt the newborn royal monster Bupa. … Eventually, they end up saving him from the fate of being the ultimate highlight of a lavish ‘monster feast.’ The little twist is that Bupa is physically born by the innocent nerdish guy, having been implanted into him by the dying pregnant monster mother. The girl eventually gets emotionally attached to the guy and the monster baby, in that order.

According to reviews, the movie is somewhat of a romantic comedy, with a lot of action sequences, excellent animation, and special effects, and tons of celebrity cameos.

All in all, “Monster Hunt” looks like a pretty crazy family-friendly movie.

If you want a better idea of what kinds of movies make waves in China these days, check out the “Monster Hunt” trailer in all its goofy glory below. 

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