Microsoft's Social Network And Google+ Rival,, Is Officially Live


Photo: Socl

Microsoft just launched its Google+ and Facebook rival, Pronounced Social, the site shows friends’ searches and interests. Videos can be watched with friends and profiles can be edited.

Like Twitter, you can choose to follow people. Like Pinterest, you can choose to follow specific categories. It looks much more like Google+ than Facebook but has the same feed layout of both social networks.

Socl currently has no way to upload photos, but Microsoft says that’s coming. Instead of “liking” an item, users can smile at others’ posts.

Socl initially launched at a few college campuses but now it’s open for everyone. Users can login with Facebook or Microsoft Live accounts.

Here’s a quick walk through of the site.

Socl is a place for social searches and sharing. Users can follow what friends and experts are interested in learning more about.

Before you can login via Facebook or Microsoft Live, a privacy notice pops up. Microsoft says your searches on Socl will be shared with third parties, but not on your Facebook wall without permission.

Like Pinterest, you're asked to select certain people and things to follow. You can follow anything from 'Kids' to 'Science.'

The explore tab shows every category you could be interested in following.

Every user has a profile page. It pulls in your Facebook photo and you can fill out the rest. There's currently no way to upload photos but you can add Socl to your browser bar and pull things from across the web to share on the network.

Socl is really meant for searches and seeing what your friends are looking up. We typed in a search, 'Cute Animals.' The results were cute, indeed.

In addition, you can upload, post and share videos with friends via social YouTube channels hosted on Socl.

Here's what a video party looks like.

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