10 Million People Are Using Instagram, Here's Why You Should Too

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Instagram’s popular photo sharing app got a major refresh today, adding new effects and speed.On the surface, Instagram 2.0 doesn’t look much different. But if you’ve been using it for a while like we have you’ll notice a huge increase in camera and photo editing speed.

For example, instead of tapping on a different filter and waiting a few seconds for the photo to convert, just slide your finger across the list of filters and the effects change in real time.

We took the app for a spin. Click below to see it in action.

This is the redesigned Instagram icon. It looks even more old school!

Log in with your user name and password...

This is your feed. You can see the photos your friends post here. But what if you don't have any friends?

You can find friends from your iPhone's address book, Facebook, or Twitter. Let's see which of our Twitter friends use Instagram

Wow, Instagram is pretty popular for our Twitter friends! You can follow them from this list. What if you want to know who follows you?

The popular tab shows you some great photos from across Instagram's network. (Warning: Lots of cute puppies/hot ladies.)

After you take the photo, a list of filters appears at the bottom. Slide your finger across to cycle through

Pretty neat! Keep scrolling until you find a filter you like. Tap the square icon at the top left of the screen to add a border. Click the green check mark when you're ready to post

Now, write a caption. You can also choose a location and check in via Foursquare. Finally, you can share on Twitter or Facebook.

Your new photo shows up in your feed. All your followers can see it too.

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