What Trump is doing during the hours of ‘executive time’ on his leaked schedules

President Donald Trump. The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images
  • Leaked details of President Donald Trump’s schedule show he spends the bulk of his day in “executive time.”
  • The term “executive time” has become synonymous with his penchant for tweeting complaints about what he sees on television.
  • But Trump also spends a considerable amount of his free time during the day phoning members of Congress and conducting off-the-cuff meetings.

When a White House staffer leaked the details of President Donald Trump’s schedule to Axios, it caused a stir about how he actually spends his days. While Trump spends about 60% of his work day in “executive time,” that does not necessarily mean he is furiously tweeting or sitting in front of the television.

Executive time for Trump can be a number of different things, whether that be live-tweeting “Fox & Friends” from bed or conducting loosely structured meetings and making calls.

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Trump likes to tweet, which should surprise no one. But an analysis from The Washington Post cross-referencing the Axios schedule with Trump’s Twitter data from Media Matters for America shows the president typically sends his morning fusillade of tweets before his workday actually begins.

Another component of the tweeting is that Trump is not always the one sending the tweets. Dan Scavino, Trump’s longtime aide and White House director of social media, will often post tweets on Trump’s behalf.

So during his executive time, Trump is not always just stewing in front of the television, but he is likely in and out of meetings and speaking with advisers.

As INSIDER has previously reported, Trump will often pick up the phone and call members of Congress in the middle of the day, especially if he has just seen their face on television. Trump is also very close with certain Republican members of Congress, such as North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, whom he speaks with very frequently.

It has also been widely reported that Trump consults with informal advisers like Fox News host Sean Hannity.

So when Trump is in executive time, it can mean more than just sitting around doing nothing. The White House said this is a benefit and an example of Trump’s unorthodox style.

“President Trump has a different leadership style than his predecessors and the results speak for themselves,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Axios.