I Just Watched 'Duck Dynasty' For The First Time And Now I Finally Get It

Duck Dynasty episode oneScreenshotPhil Robertson, the man A&E suspended.

“Duck Dynasty” is a reality show on the A&E network that millions of people watch each week.

It follows the story of the Robertson family, which runs a company called Duck Commander. Duck Commander makes some of the best duck calls in the world.

This week, the show was the center of a huge controversy because the Robertson family patriarch Phil made some very derogatory comments about homosexuals. As a result, A&E suspended Phil from the show.

I had never heard of “Duck Dynasty” until everyone started writing and tweeting and theorizing about the show this week following Phil’s comments. I had to check out what the fuss was about.

And guess what? The show is super entertaining. Ultimately, “Duck Dynasty” is a show about family, entrepreneurship, and killing animals.

I watched the first episode, which you can stream on Amazon Instant or buy on iTunes.

This is the Robertson family. They made a fortune with their company Duck Commander, which makes some of the best duck calls in the world.

This is Willie. He's the CEO of Duck Commander and Phil's son.

This is Phil. He's the one who made those controversial comments about gays. And just wait. He says some misogynistic things about women in this episode.

Here are three of the Robertson men's wives. The most important are Willie's wife Korie (the one in the red) and Phil's wife Kay (the one on the far right in purple).

This is Si, Willie's uncle. He also works for Duck Commander.

Willie and his family have a lot of money thanks to Duck Commander's success.

But the Robertsons still stick to their southern roots. Here, Kay fries up some squirrel brains.

They also have this cool swamp boat thing.

But the 'Duck Dynasty' story really centres around Willie. Willie runs Duck Commander with his wife.

The series starts with a problem. Duck Commander messed up a $US100,000 order and now they need to send out a big shipment.

Korie isn't pleased about the screwup. The Duck Commander employees have a huge task ahead of them because they build all their duck calls by hand. But there's a big problem.

Willie's family doesn't want to work. They're out fishing. Phil is distracted too...

Phil is out killing beavers with his friend. 'The only good beaver is a beaver with a hole in its head,' Phil says.

That night, Willie meets with his family over dinner to try and convince them to get back to work.

But the family has other ideas. Willie's wife and mother are working on a series of videos about how to cook southern food.

And Willie's mum needs the Robertson men to go out that night and hunt frogs so she can cook them the next day.

So frog hunting they go. But watch out for gators!

The Robertson men shine a flashlight around the water to try and spot frogs. If the eyes glow white, it means they've found a frog. If they glow red, they've found a gator and it's time to get the heck out of there.

The Robertson men catch a bunch of frogs.

But then they run into a snake in a tree and Willie freaks out...

...and falls out of the boat! The other Robertson men laugh and make fun of Willie. It's the central conflict of 'Duck Dynasty' -- Willie wants to be a good CEO, but he also wants to be a good family member and go hunting with his father and brothers.

The next day, Phil and his grandson kill all the frogs in preparation for Kay's cooking video.

As he beheads the frogs, Phil gives some life advice to his grandson. Phil says his grandson should only marry a 'meek' and 'gentle' country girl who knows how to cook. 'The first prerequisite for a man and a woman is 'Can she cook?'' Phil says. Apparently, A&E is ok with this point of view.

The frogs are all dead, skinned, and ready to be cooked. The Robertson family doesn't believe in getting their meat from grocery stores. They still hunt.

Willie and Phil help Kay with her cooking video. Meanwhile, there's trouble brewing at the Duck Commander office.

The Duck Commander employees are finally working on making new duck calls for the big order they messed up. But then they get distracted with a crazy idea.

How can they be expected to make duck calls without a proper research and development lab? The guys decide to flood one of the warehouse's loading bays and fill it with ducks to test their calls.

Back at the Robertson home, Korie is busy producing the cooking video. However, Phil isn't being very cooperative.

Phil refuses to say how much buttermilk to add to the dead frogs.

He also says cooking is women's work and for 'girly men.' Again, A&E seems to be ok with this since it's season 1 of the show and Phil stuck around for three more seasons.

Back at the office, the R&D center is coming along nicely. And by that we mean the entire loading dock is flooded. Another Duck Commander employee comes by and says this looks like a bad idea.

And then she calls Willie and rats out her colleagues!

Willie is not pleased and leaves home in the middle of the video shoot.

Korie is upset that Willie ditched the video shoot.

Not happy with simply flooding the loading dock, the employees decide to get some ducks from the pet store. The R&D center is complete!

You know this isn't going to end well.

Willie arrives at the office. He's not pleased.

Explain yourselves.

Willie tells his employees to get back to work.

The guys start making duck calls again. But Willie has a change of heart.

You know what? Maybe that R&D center was a good idea after all...

The guys take a break and sit on the edge of the pool, testing their newly made duck calls.

And that's the end of the episode. See? Despite their differences and the stresses of the business, family is the most important thing. The Robertsons get together and eat a bunch of fried frogs after a long day.

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