Everything you can get from an Amazon Prime membership, from free shipping to exclusive movies

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  • Amazon Prime is a membership service run by the online retailer Amazon, which offers a wide host of benefits, apps, and discounts.
  • Amazon Prime costs A$59 per year for a standard membership, or A$6.99 per month.
  • The most notable benefit of Amazon Prime is free two-day shipping on eligible items, as well as free same-day delivery in some locations.
  • It also gives you access to exclusive deals during Amazon’s massive Prime Day sale.
  • With an Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll also gain access to streaming apps like Prime Video, Prime Music, and more.
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Originally launched in the US, back in 2005, Amazon Prime was a membership service that guaranteed free two-day shipping on all sorts of different products through the massive online retailer.

Since then, Amazon’s Prime program has become so much more than just a two-day shipping service.

With a monthly fee of A$6.99, or an annual fee of A$59, Prime now offers one-day or even same-day shipping for customers in many areas. More than that, it’s now a service that includes access to millions of songs, along with exclusive movies and shows, and much more.

Let’s break it down by category.

Amazon Prime Day

Image: iStock/AdrianHancu

If you’re someone who loves a bargain, Prime Day is Amazon’s massive, annual sales event. From homewares to technology and clothing, there’s always a huge range of cheap deals on offer, which usually include the online retailer’s lowest offered prices.

These deals are exclusively available to Amazon Prime members. If you’re a savvy shopper, the amount of money you could save during Prime Day will more than validate your annual membership fee.

This year’s Prime Day is set to start at 12am AEST, June 21, and will end at 11:59pm AEST, June 22. However, due to time differences, Australian shoppers will still be able to snag a few Prime Day sales through Amazon’s global store until 5pm AEST, June 23.

Amazon Prime shipping

Not only can Amazon Prime members receive free two-day delivery, but free one-day, and even two-hour, delivery on certain products. Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Prime has always and will always be all about fast shipping. Members will get free two-day shipping (order on Monday, guaranteed by Wednesday, e.g.) on countless Prime products.

You can also receive free expedited delivery of seven to 10 business days for international orders.

Prime Music

Amazon Music has a massive collection of tracks and artists, including some too obscure to find on Spotify or even YouTube. Business Insider

Your Amazon Prime membership offers access to millions of songs that you can stream through your computer or via the free Amazon app. Prime music lets you organise your tunes into playlists, by genre, artist, album, and more.

And Prime members get a discounted price on Amazon Music Unlimited, a subscription-based service that, as far as I can tell, offers every song ever created. Seriously, I have yet to think of a song I wanted to hear and not been able to find it.

Prime Video

You can watch Prime Video on your computer, TV, tablet, phone, and more. Shutterstock

Like with Prime itself, Prime Video started as one thing, then grew into another. Initially, Prime Video offered access to thousands of movies and shows produced by other studios.

It still does that (and happens to be the source of about half of the TV I watch), but now, Amazon also produces dozens of original programs – both movies and shows – which are available at any time to Prime members.

Besides Prime Video, Prime members can also enjoy free access to Prime Gaming.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Prime members get unlimited photo storage with their subscription. Ali Balikci/Getty Images

Amazon Prime members get unlimited photo storage included with their membership, along with an additional 5 GB of free storage for video files.

Amazon also offers annual cloud storage plans. These cost A$24.99 a year for 100 GB and A$124.99 a year for 1 TB.

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