Netflix just released its newest rom-com 'Always Be My Maybe' — here's everything you need to know before you watch

Netflix‘Always Be My Maybe’ is the newest Netflix smash.
  • The internet is loving the new film “Always Be My Maybe.”
  • The film stars and was co-written by Ali Wong and Randall Park.
  • It’s the feature-film directorial debut of Nahnatchka Khan – and Khan, Wong, and Park all worked together on TV’s “Fresh Off The Boat.”
  • The film is streaming on Netflix now.
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Besides plugging a Mariah Carey earworm firmly into your ears, Netflix’s new rom-com, “Always Be My Maybe,” has had everyone gushing over the new rom-com.

If you haven’t watched it, this film has some surprises in store, and there are no spoilers here. Instead, here’s what you need to know before you watch.

It’s co-written and produced by its two stars – Ali Wong and Randall Park

The comedic duo wrote the screenplay along with Michael Golamco – whose previous writing credits include the movie “Please Stand By” and the TV series “Grimm.”

Wong and Park have been friends for a long time – they both attended UCLA, and it was there that Wong first joined a theatrical comedy group founded by Park. After Wong moved back to her hometown of San Francisco in 2005, when Park came through doing stand-up, he crashed on her couch, according to the New Yorker.

Then, when “Fresh Off The Boat” was looking for writers, star Randall Park suggested Wong for the job even though she’d never written for a sitcom before.

Since then, Wong has risen to fame on her own.

Ali Wong has been focused on stand-up for over a decade, and her two Netflix specials, ‘Baby Cobra’ and ‘Hard Knock Wife’ showcase her talent

In fact, “Hard Knock Wife” is even 100% certified fresh according to critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ever since “Baby Cobra” premiered on Mother’s Day 2016, critics have praised her raw realness and presentation of the unfiltered nature of what the New York Times called “maternal comedy.” Wong performed both specials while pregnant with each of her two children – and if that wasn’t novel enough in the comedy world, combined pregnancy, miscarriage, female body humour, sex, race, and gender roles into two unflinchingly honest and hilarious hour-long chunks.

You’ve seen Randall Park in lots of things, but probably know him best as Huang family patriarch Louis on long-running ABC sitcom ‘Fresh Off The Boat’

When he’s not playing the father to Eddie (Hudson Yang), Evan (Ian Chen), and Emery Huang (Forrest Wheeler) and husband to Jessica Huang (Constance Wu) on FOTB, Park has appeared in “Aquaman” as Dr. Stephen Shin, in “Ant-Man and the Wasp” as Jimmy Woo, on “Veep” as Danny Chung, and in the now-infamous web series “IKEA Heights,” which was actually filmed guerrilla-style back in the day inside an IKEA.

Always Be My MaybeNetflixAli Wong and Randall Park in ‘Always Be My Maybe.’

‘ABMM’ is Nahnatchka Khan’s feature-film directorial debut

Khan created FOTB and is well-known for her work on it, “American Dad,” and the short-lived Krysten Ritter-starring sitcom “Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23.”

As the Atlantic pointed out, Khan’s deft deployment of James Van Der Beek playing a heightened version of himself on ‘Don’t Trust The B–…’ laid the groundwork for one particularly hilarious scene in “Always Be My Maybe” that we won’t spoil here.

This film was foreshadowed in a piece by Vulture, originally reported on by the New Yorker

After the New Yorker did a profile on Ali Wong in September 2016, Vulture’s Jackson McHenry seized on one particular line in the piece about how Wong and Park had a specific vision of a romantic comedy for years and begged Hollywood to make it.

The line in question was simply “The problem, though, is that Wong also wants to make a romantic comedy that she and Randall Park have been talking about for years-“our version of ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ “

Randall park ali wong sasha marcus always be my maybeNetflixThe pair had been talking about making this film for years.

After its May 31 limited-theatrical release and Netflix debut, critics are loving ‘Always Be My Maybe’

The film is currently rated 91% fresh on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

“‘Always Be My Maybe’ is a sparkling, charming rom-com that celebrates the hyper-specific Asian experience of growing up in the late ’90s in the Bay Area: a love letter to Clement Street dim sum and a gentle reminder that the best kind of love is sometimes found in the things we leave behind,” Jezebel’s Megan Reynolds wrote.

“‘Always Be My Maybe’ is a love letter to modern Asian-American culture that allows its characters to be multidimensional instead of turning them into cardboard cutouts,” Tess Cagle wrote for the Daily Dot.

Leah Greenblatt wrote for Entertainment Weekly,

“With all due respect to heavyweight Oscar bait like ‘Roma’, Netflix seems to have found its true purpose in original movie programming over the past year: clever, endlessly meme-able rom-coms meant to be watched on the floor in your weird pajamas.”

And Peter Travers wrote for Rolling Stone,

“It’s an irresistible romantic romp that turns the familiar into something sweet, sassy and laugh-out-loud funny. And, in its own way, quietly revolutionary.”

“Always Be My Maybe” is streaming now on Netflix.

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