If you're not a yuppie, and not a hipster, then you might be a 'yuccie'

Yuppies are so ten years ago and hipsters are passe, so the millennial generation has given birth to yet another social trope. Meet the “Young Urban Creative,” known colloquially as the “yuccie.”

Mashable’s David Infante introduced the term in a post called “The hipster is dead, and you might not like who comes next.”

In it, Infante explains a yuccie essentially acts as a cross between “the yuppie’s new money thirst for yachts and recognition with the hipster’s anti-ambition, and smoke-laced individualism.”

Then “sprinkle on a dose of millennial entitlement,” he adds.

Interested to know if you are a yuccie? Infante provides a handy checklist of common characteristics:

If you’re checking any of these boxes, you may be a yuccie. Be honest…

  • Owns multiple copies of Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

  • Doesn’t like gentrification in theory; loves artisanal doughnuts in practice

  • Really wants to go to Austin soon because hears it’s incredible

  • Takes boozy painting classes

  • Used to be “in banking” and occasionally still pronounces finance “fuh-nontz”

  • Avoids visible tattoos (not a prudent career move)

  • Loves Seinfeld even though it went off the air when they were 16

  • Gets the NYT Weekend Edition but doesn’t read the news

  • Has thousands of Instagram followers, but almost no Twitter followers

Yuccies seek jobs where they can both earn a decent living and be fulfilled by their tasks. Read: creative jobs that stimulate their minds and their senses and their passion — but also pay the bills with a little left over for a weekend getaway that will surely be Instagrammed.

Here’s what people are saying about being a yuccie on Twitter:



You can check out Infante’s full diatribe on the yuccie here.


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