How to upgrade your watch for spring, in one simple step

Nato strapFacebook/Crown&BuckleA few watches with NATO watch straps.

Sure, you could buy a new watch for spring — but there’s a much cheaper and easier way to wake sure your wristwear is ready for warmer weather and the casualness it brings.

A shocking number of watch-wearing men aren’t aware that the watch straps their timepieces come with are quickly and easily replaceable. No, you’re actually not stuck with that faux leather strap.

This opens up an endless number of replacement straps, and we think the best one for spring is the colourful nylon NATO watch strap, which adds a pop of colour to any wrist it’s put on.

NATO, unsurprisingly, is derived from military style in WW2, and the name comes from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. This kind of strap can both dress down a Rolex and dial up a Seiko.

The best part? They’re dirt cheap, and can be found on any number of sites from $US9 to $US15 normally. So you can get any combination of colours, stripes, patterns, and even solid colours to match your entire watch wardrobe to your outfits. They also come in leather, but those are usually a bit more expensive.

They’re also easy to install, following these simple steps.

Some of our favourites come from Crown and Buckle, which sell for $US12 for regular straps and $US15 for premium ones of slightly higher quality. Other brands include Cheapest Nato Straps (around $US8), and you can also find them on Amazon.

NATO strapsFacebook/crownandbuckleWatch straps from Crown and Buckle.

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