Men are starting to wear mullets on their faces -- be very afraid

Gentlemen, there’s news on the beard front: The summer’s hot new trend is the beardstache.

The what? The beardstache. It’s the like the facial hair version of the mullet (and roughly as attractive). Reined in beard, full above the lip.

Here it is on the star of Netflix’s The Fall and that other movie, Fifty something, Jamie Dornan:

And on model Chris Millington:

The great outdoors. #beardstache

A photo posted by Chris John Millington (@chrisjohnmillington) on Jun 8, 2015 at 10:25am PDT

It appears to take a lot of grooming to get down. You’ve been warned.

To be clear here, Business Insider does not condone this facial hair trend. We’re just letting you know. This author’s position is still that it would be best to shave it all off.

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