We Ate Balut -- The Absolute Strangest Food You Can Find In New York City

Maharlika is a restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village that sells one of the strangest foods you can buy in New York City.

It’s called balut, and it’s basically a hard boiled egg with a fertilised duck embryo inside. In other words, there’s a partially formed duck foetus in the egg.

While it might seem strange to most, balut is actually a common dish in the Philippines and parts of Southeast Asia. The second annual balut eating contest also takes place on Saturday, August 3 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side with last year’s winner downing 18 eggs in 5 minutes.

We learned how to properly eat a balut from Maharlika owner Nicole Ponseca, who’s eaten these fertilised duck eggs since she was a kid. We then took some back with us to the Business Insider offices to see how our co-workers would react to eating the balut.

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Produced by William Wei Additional Camera by Justin Gmoser

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