PICTURES: What Interns Really See In Their First Week At Google

Google HQ

Google has made a video that documents the first week at Google for five actual interns , in an attempt to  portray the work experience accurately — and not the way it’s seen in the movie “The Internship.”

The Mountain View Google HQ is plenty quirky, filled with unique features such as an outdoor volleyball court, spherical work stations, and a campus filled with Android sculptures and other art.

Who knows, you might even run into someone like Sergey Brin.

While not as in-your-face-Google as the movie “The Internship,” there are certainly similarities to the actual headquarters, such as the Noogle hats for newcomers.

Get ready for some team bonding — Google has lots of group activities to help interns acclimate.

Feeling restless at your desk? Google offers some unique work spaces such as these spheres for a more comfortable work environment.

You get to check out some of Google's experimental tech such as this massive six-monitor display, which appears to be running Google Earth.

Interns get their own desk and desktop computer.

Need to blow off some steam? Google's got your back with an outdoor volleyball court.

Meetings such as this one — its focus on rethinking how workers brainstorm — are meant to keep to the creativity flowing.

There's always the chance that you'll bump into someone exciting — like Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Forget the stereotype of coding in a dim alcove, programmers can take their work with them (and is that a billiards table we see?).

New interns get the classic 'Noogler' hat, complete with propeller!

There's free use of the Google bikes, and you can enjoy the various Android sculptures outside.

See what apps are already available for Google Glass...

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