Just Thinking About Attractive Women Makes Male IQ Plummet

  • Seeing attractive women makes men stupid. Actually, it’s even worse than that: just thinking about dealing with a beautiful lady makes male IQ plummet. When CNN shows have attractive female anchors men can’t even remember the news.
  • To be fair, it’s not just the guys who get distracted by female beauty. There’s a reason there are more women on the covers of magazines than men. Both sexes pay more attention to attractive women than attractive men.
  • Just seeing hot women makes men more inclined toward fighting.
  • Men are more likely (and women less likely) to forgive attractive women.
  • Want to sell more expensive things to men? Make sure to have a beautiful female employee. While standards of beauty are generally pretty consistent they can vary based on the economy, whether a man is rich or hungry and whether the guy looking at her is in love with someone else.

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