Here's what it would look like if Pixar movies ended at the saddest part

Most Pixar movies are tearjerkers. The studio excels in bringing complex, nuanced emotions to its stories while keeping them fun and bright for kids as well as adults, so there’s always a happy ending. 

But what if there wasn’t?

YouTuber Chris Huebs put together a supercut of four Pixar movies that cut to credits right when things are the darkest.

Sully and Boo are separated — possibly forever — as the door to her room is shredded in “Monsters Inc,” and that’s where the movie ends. No final act, no resolution, just tears. 

Huebs also makes “Toy Story 2” and “Finding Nemo” depressing by ending at the sad parts, and somehow manages to make “Inside Out” even sadder (pour some out for Bing Bong). The upbeat music that plays during the credits seems really, really inappropriate with the new endings.

The supercut does not, however, make edits to “Up,” because that’s already one of the saddest movies ever made. 

Check it out below as you get ready to see “Finding Dory” this weekend. 

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