What If John McCain Had Won The White House?

John McCain

Call it Obama’s Wonderful Life. Ex-Bush aide Matt Latimer imagines what would have happened if the Republican ticket had taken the White House in 2008—and where the world would be now.

It is almost Christmas. A morose Barack Obama, believing his presidency has no meaning, wanders the White House. He looks again at the crumpled Nov. 14th Washington Post op-ed  that he keeps in his pocket and just cannot throw away. The article, penned by former Clinton aides, urges Obama not to seek reelection in 2012. They make this appeal not so that Hillary can run in his place—selfish motivations are notoriously taboo in Clintonworld—but strictly out of a sincere belief that a failed one-term presidency is in Obama’s best interest.

“Should I take their advice?” Obama asks himself, as he leans over the Truman Balcony and looks at the White House grounds below.  “Should I commit political suicide? Have I done any good for anyone?”

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