What I Wish I Had Known About Men's Fashion At 21

A stylish 30-something has some great advice for younger men who want to look good.
“Now that I’m older and can afford it, I dress pretty well, but when I was in college, I didn’t, because I thought I couldn’t afford it,” the man, who preferred to remain anonymous, shared on Reddit. “Looking back, I could have dressed a lot better without impacting my budget too much.”

He shared five tips for what he wish he’d known at age 21.

1. Plan ahead. “I would walk into Kenneth Cole or Aldo when I needed new shoes, and I would end up spending $US100 on low quality shoes I didn’t actually like that much,” he shares.

2. Only buy stuff you love. “When I try something on now I think, ‘Do like this enough that I would come back and buy another one if it was ruined in a grease fire tomorrow?’ If not, don’t buy it. This rubric has served me well,” the man writes.

3. Consider quality. “Shoes are a big deal. If you can’t afford a pair of good shoes over $US150, you also can’t afford to spend $US70 at Aldo — those will look cheap soon and need to be replaced. And man do I wish I had spent $US119 at Barneys Warehouse on some shoes that used to be $US325, rather than $US80 at Kenneth Cole,” he says.

4. Some clothing is off-limits. “Never wear a baggy t-shirt with a logo on it,” the man writes. “Ever.”

5. Don’t spend a lot on trendy items. “Overspend on the core items — shoes, watch, coat. Underspend on the season’s cheap fashion. Go to Target to buy a scarf if it’s on-trend,” he says.

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