Incredible Images Show What Harlem Building Looked Like Before And After It Exploded

ABC News and the Wall Street Journal have incredible before-and-after shots of the Harlem building that exploded early Wednesday because of a gas leak.

The photo on the left is from Google Streetview, and the one on the right is from Getty Images after the explosion and subsequent collapse.

Check it out:

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s comparison:

Three people died and at least 64 were injured in the explosion. Nine people are still missing.

The blast brought down two buildings at 1644-1646 Park Avenue in Manhattan. Power company ConEd recieved calls about a heavy gas odor 15 minutes before the explosion and sent two trucks to the building.

Reuters and the Associated Press have more images from after the explosion:

HarlemREUTERS/Brendan McDermidNew York City Firefighters dig through rubble at an apparent building explosion fire and collapse in the Harlem section of New York, March 12, 2014.
Harlem building explosionAPFirefighters work the scene of an explosion that leveled two apartment buildings in the East Harlem neighbourhood of New York.
Harlem building collapseREUTERS/Brendan McDermidNew York City firefighters work at the site of a building explosion and collapse in the Harlem section of New York.

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