Here's what really happens to your car when you use an automated parking garage

Automotion Parking Systems builds custom automated parking garages. The systems are designed to work in virtually any space. Platforms move cars between different levels and spaces efficiently. The following is a transcript of the video.

Here’s what happens in an automated parking garage. Automotion Parking Systems makes various automated garages. Here’s how the system works.

When you drive a car into the parking bay it is parked on top of a palette. Multiple sensors measure the car. This is how the system “sees” your car. A screen will tell you if the car is aligned correctly. After you exit the vehicle, the system measures the car again. This is to ensure that doors aren’t left open. The car is lifted into the parking garage. And rolled onto a moving platform. The platform is fitted with a quick-exchange system. Each time a car slides into a new spot the platform replaces the palette for the next vehicle. When the car is retrieved, the process is reversed.

Here’s how the full process looks. This system is fitted with two of the moving platforms. They operate separately throughout the lower and upper levels. Automotion Parking Systems designs its garages to be modular and customisable. Retrieval time is the main focus. Each car can be retrieved in two minutes.

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