How to buy a gym bag that you won't be too embarrassed to bring to the office

Aer gymAerBlack is arguably the best colour for a gym bag.

Working out before or after work is convenient — it’s easier to fit it into your busy schedule, and you’re less likely to just go home and order takeout while binging Netflix.

But it also means bringing your workout gear to the office. No matter what your office’s dress code is, that necessitates a sleek, stylish gym bag that won’t stick out too much to your coworkers. After all, no one likes the guy who brags about his New Year’s resolution.

Here are some guidelines you should follow when selecting your new gym bag:

  • No logos anywhere. The bag that housed your sweaty lacrosse equipment in college isn’t going to cut it anymore. Loud logos aren’t going to work in an office setting, as they’re not very professional.
  • Colour is something you really want to keep in mind. Think of the colours that briefcases and work bags come in — they’re not red or orange. The gym bag you’re taking to the office shouldn’t be either. Blacks, navys, and grays just fit much better in an office setting, and will ensure you stay under the radar.
  • Choose a size that is appropriate for you. Think of what you need to store your gym essentials and what you’ll be using the bag for. Then get the smallest one possible that can contain it. There’s no reason to bring a big, hulking bag to work if you don’t need to. With today’s open floor plans, there’s also often nowhere to store them during the day.

Here are some bags that fit the bill perfectly, including the Aer bag pictured above. And don’t forget to fill it with everything you need for a successful workout.

Top left, J. Crew Harwick Duffel bag (AUD$178.19) Bottom left, Herschel Supply Co. ‘Novel’ Duffel Bag ($124.17), Right, Nike Eugene Duffel Bag ($300)

Another option is to bring a carry-all or tote bag instead of a typical briefcase or workbag. I personally use the Filson Zip Tote, which is big enough for everything I bring to work on a typical day, as well as a pair of shorts, shirt, and sneakers for the gym. The compromises here include having a bigger and heavier bag, but it also means not having to carry two on gym days.

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